United Structures and Buildings

United Structures and Buildings is a proud American company with more than 15 years of experience in manufacturing and installing quality buildings in different fields, such as: Agriculture, Industrial, Commercial, Residential, and Recreational (RV, Boats, Campers). We come with the best styles and the best quality materials on the market.


Our variety of tubing sizes will always fit your needs.

Square tubbing 2” ½ x 2” ½  14 gauge

Square tubbing 2” ¼ x 2” ¼  12 gauge


We also carry Commercial grade tubing for stronger structures.

Rectangle tubing 2” x 3”  14 gauge

Rectangle tubing 2” x 3”  12 gauge


Our Loc Plus sheet metal 29 gauge comes with 20 years warranty. 

The Loc Plus sheet metal 26 gauge comes with 40 years warranty. 


Our variety of windows and walk in doors will always satisfy, ranging from standard to custom specifications and quality. We also come with the best in quality of garage doors, from commercial roll up doors to standard residential garage doors. Every building we install comes with a 5 year Craftsmanship warranty, so you can always trust in our work.


With over 15 years in the field, we come with some of the most experienced installers, ready to offer you our greatest quality of service. Time does not matter when it comes to installations! We are always ready to install your carport, garage, or commercial building whenever you are ready. You will never have to wait 2 or 4 months for you installation.


United Structures and Buildings will always deliver in a short time. (2 to 4 weeks)